With faith, all things are possible.

Yanet Herrero is the CEO of Kings Service Solutions a multistate commercial cleaning company that provides superior facility maintenance solutions.

I was born on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Cuba. My parents were hard-working, courageous, humble and loving — the characteristics I aspire to every day.

I am eternally grateful for all they did to provide us with a better life, and the opportunity to reach for the stars and live out our dreams in freedom. For that, I want nothing more than to make them proud every day.

It’s funny how we forget so many things in our lives, but some stay with us forever. Leaving Cuba is one of them. I remember boarding the big aircraft with guards all around us. My mom and I were leaving all my friends and family behind, not knowing if we would ever see them again. I was only 7.

I recalled all the stories that I had been told about America. And now here we were, on a plane headed there, nervous and excited all at the same time. I must admit once I arrived in Miami, it was pure excitement as my mother bought me my very first ice cream. As we enjoyed this moment of freedom together, I remember my mother saying, “Hija, never forget how blessed you are, never forget where you come from and never give up on your dreams.”

As a child, I watched my mother work several jobs to provide for our family. She never complained and would always find time to share her life lessons with me and truly lead by example. She is a woman of strong faith, ethics and responsibility. She always lived her life with purpose and always paid it forward.

She always told me, “Hija, you are in control of your own destiny; never let anyone or anything stand in your way.” Her words resonated so much that at the young age of 23, I set out to fulfill my life’s purpose as an entrepreneur. I withdrew all my savings, which totaled $1,500, and started Kings Service Solutions in 2007.

Today, I lead all aspects of the company, using the lessons from my parents to provide work for others to pursue their own American dream. Even during this current crisis, we are adding over 100 jobs to our existing workforce of 500 and expanding to other states to create even more opportunities as we open our construction service arm.

My Hispanic heritage, resiliency and faith have provided the foundation on which the company was established. As a female Hispanic entrepreneur, I understand my purpose: to build upon the legacy left for us by our predecessors and enable future generations to build on my success.

Although I faced many challenges along the way, I believe that Kings Service Solutions has a responsibility to give back to the community that has given so much to me. We do that by providing jobs and facilitating the American dream for others.

One of my proudest moments was creating the Kings Service Solutions DNA: a diverse culture fueled by trust, integrity, passion, innovation and the spirit of excellence. Our leaders are encouraged to develop other leaders and to give back to our community.

As I reflect on Hispanic Heritage Month, I am proud of my Cuban heritage, and I am incredibly thankful for those who paved the way for me to live my American dream. I am especially thankful for the unwavering support of my husband, children, family, team members and business partners who continue to believe in me and give me the platform to pay it forward.